Weekly Magical Musings

Tarot Spread for 6/1717-6/24/17

Tarot Reads 6-17 week

Greetings lovely souls!

Today I am writing out my spread for the upcoming week.

  1. Four of Pentacles(Saturday 6/17)- This card warns about being stingy with money!  Got a little extra cash?  Why not donate it to local charities or organizations that you feel strongly towards?  Sharing is caring, don’t be a stingy Sally!
  2. 7 of Pentacles(Sunday 6/18)–  Pat yourself on the back a debt you may be paying or degree you are going towards takes you one step closer to success!  Go you!
  3. You are One(Monday 6/19)- Today you will come in tune with your higher self, whether this is a walk in the woods, mediation, or taking that yoga class understand you will find a part of you!  You may even find psychic gifts of your own!  Today is a great day to bond with that new deck you bought or even purchase your first deck!
  4. 5 of Cups(Tuesday 6/20)-  Did you say something or get into an argument?  Beware of holding onto grudges today is not the day to hold the past actions of someone!  Feeling guilty about blowing all that hard earned money on that new bag?  Let that be a lesson!  Choose your actions carefully today as they could cost you more than 3 seconds of anger.
  5. 3 of Wands( Wednesday 6/21)-  Some of you may have just said some cruel things or did some horrible actions and still things aren’t at ease, hang in there!  Allow time to soothe the harshness you inflicted on someone.  Be patient with yourself as well, some of you may be feeling like you want to up and leave because life, love, or career isn’t going your way, hang in there warrior, you will have your victory!
  6. The Sun( Thursday 6/22)- Did you just lose a loved one, a relationship that ended badly, or even just a friendship that went sour?  Allow the sun to bring you some healing light, walk along the Forrest in the bright sun, watch that beautiful sunrise.  Today the answer you may be seeking will come to you, it may even be as subtle as the summer wind in your hair, listen!  Today is also about finding lost passions and enjoying them again!
  7. The High Priestess( Friday 6/23)– Today is the perfect day to meditate,  go to Church, take that Yoga class, or just be with nature! Today is about connecting to divine spirit!  Welcome the Divine into your life in which ever way you feel is best! Namaste!

Stay tuned for next week’s spread, also feel to leave any comments as the week goes by, I want to hear about your success!!!

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage

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