The Feisty Folk

A Meditation to Help You Deal With Irate Customers

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No matter what career or job you have more than likely, experienced a customer who was not the nicest, or more pleasant to be around.

Today I am going to share my meditation I do at work, this can be done anywhere and doesn’t require stones, music, incense or anything other than your attention.  You can even do this while with the customer( try to mask facial expressions as it can ignite the fiesty!)

First I want to give out a few pointers on handling these feisty folk:

Understand they may be having a bad day.  I know how hard that is and how tempting to tell them to go screw off, but you need to be very mindful of the fact that this person may have just lost a family member, lost their home, or even worse lost their job or marriage.  It’s easier said than done, but try to put yourself in their shoes for a moment, even if they may not be having a bad day it helps to be mindful and kind.

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They are not out to get you.  I work in retail and I know first hand as a main cashier, how it can feel like they are out to get you because it feels like you are their outlet.  As difficult as this sounds, when I feel this, I try to imagine the energy of their negativity going away and imagine pink, loving light going through them.  It takes a lot of master ship and I still have my days when I can get very irritated, but I try to do this more and more often it’s being able to be kind even when someone is downright mean that makes you a strong person.

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Okay with out further ado let’s get into the meditation

  1. Start by taking 2 deep breaths
  2.  Imagine a place that you feel safe, happy and relaxed.  I personally like to imagine myself sitting cross-legged in front of a tree deep in a forest where no one can find me, hurt me, or break me down.  I also sit beside animal spirits, my familiars as well.  You can also ask your angel guides, spirits, etc to aide you at this location.  Imagine a white light being wrapped around your entire body, heart, mind, soul and chakras, you are safe here.
  3.  As you are in this location imagine a well that you walk up to, place all the negative energy from both customer and you inside a bucket.  Imagine gently dumping the bucket down well, the energy being returned back to earth.  You are safe, you are protected. the negativity is gone. Imagine pink loving light flowing through you and back to the earth, the light of kindness healing hurt, and irritation, and healing the world as it flows through.
  4. Take 2 deep cleansing breaths taking with you the feeling of safety, serenity, and security nothing can hurt you, nothing can break your spirit.  Thank your guides and keep them with you if you wish, return back to your work space the best way is to either imagine your physical body and/or work place returning,bring your mind back to the physical time and self.

What meditations work for you when you’re handling not so kind folk?

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage

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