Tarot Vs Oracle: Which One Do I Choose?

Good Wednesday morning my loves!!!

Today I am going to share a few different tips and tricks when entering the wonderful mystical realm of tarot or oracle(in some cases both!).


Source: wopc.co.uk

Above is your basic Rider Waite deck, which is what most people, find is an easier deck to understand if you do decide to enter the realm of tarot.  The Rider Waite deck tends to be a little less scary and easier to understand especially if this is your first time learning tarot.

The standard tarot deck has 78 cards and usually includes a guide although there are many, many books out there that can also teach you just as well.

Tarot is a more structured, and has a dominant meaning compared to oracle, this means that the major arcana (ex: the fool) deals with the big things that are happening in your life.  The suits which are pentacles, wands, water, and swords, relate to money, emotions, communication, and emotional matters affecting the problems or journey you are on currently, and in this present moment.

Oracle decks, can be easier and a lot less intimidating for beginners, or those who are still discovering their gifts.  Oracles consist usually of 45 or more cards, occasionally these decks can have more or less.

Oracle is less structured than tarot and can be a little easier to understand because it does not typically have a dominant meaning to it.

Below is the Oracle of the Shapeshifters, which is one of my personal favorites!

Source: http://www.strangeling.com

I love oracles more because the imagery tends to be more stimulating and visionary for me rather than worrying about how each dominant message that tarot tends to offer translates into a reading session I will have with a client.

Some oracle decks also offer a typical tarot sized deck instead as a way to help beginners understand the complex world or tarot, or get their feet in the water so to speak.

I personally bond better with oracle cards, although I do use tarot from time to time, I still feel I need to go the rider waite way to better under understand tarot, however this is for another conversation at another time.

Do you resonate with tarot or oracle?

Love and Light,

Moonlit Sage

DIY Brush Cleaner

Hey Beauties!

I hope everyone is having a splendid January!!!   I wanted to talk to you all today about keep those brushes clean and how you can do it at home for cheap!

This is not something that I am claiming originality on but rather something I saw that worked for my brushes and  I wanted to share with you to help your brushes.

Please note you should be washing and disinfecting your brushes daily, especially when running your own make up artist biz.  If you cannot get to that I suggest at least 3 times per week and this does not take long at all so it is not time consuming.  Not only is it good for your clients but it also it good to not dirty up those precious pores!


  1. a Bowl or deep plate
  2. 1 cap full of olive oil
  3. a tablespoon or 2 of either a shampoo that is free of chemicals, Dawn Dish Soap.
  4. 1 c hot water


Mix cup of hot water, and then olive oil and finally shampoo or dish soap in the bowl or plate.   I do prefer this order because then my brushes smell good(yes weird I know).  Start with 1 brush at a time and gently swirl the bristles into the solution,  gently squeeze any water out of the brush but DO NOT WRING the brush or you may damage the bristles.  Then wipe brush off on clean paper towel until there is not more makeup residue coming off the brush.  Let the brush air dry.  Repeat with each brush.  Allow brushes to dry over night.